How to Introduce Your Child to The Enchanted Tooth Box®

One thing you’ll quickly learn about me is that I’m a mom’s mom. I’m a total sucker for everything mommy-related– from seeing babies take their first step or say their first word to braiding my daughter’s hair in cute, little girlie hairstyles.

And yes, both my son and daughter have their own separate photo albums with a locket of their hair and first footprints. Yup, I’m that type of mom.

If you’ve purchased my storybook and invention, The Enchanted Tooth Box ®, awesome! I’m here to guide you in introducing them to your children to get the best bonding experience.

And yes, dads and parent figures in a child’s life are welcome to impart on this new journey.

Out with the old. In with the new.

Your child will lose and replace about 20 baby teeth, most likely starting at age 5 or 6. And at that age, the story of The Tooth Fairy probably won’t be foreign to them.

In my opinion, The Tooth Fairy bears more, like the social media generation likes to say, “more clout” than other magical figures such as The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

The Tooth Fairy visits several times a year versus Old St. Nick, who comes one night out of the year, and The Easter Bunny, who’s only “spotted” during easter.

But I digress!

The first sign your child gets that their tooth is wiggly, carve out some time to introduce and read the book. Limit distractions such as the T.V. or any video games. Actually, you can read the story while you’re tucking them in.

Assure your child that losing their tooth is not often a painful event, even though it might feel uncomfortable.

Also, let them know that they might look a little different with their missing tooth, which is okay, but they’re still your little buttercup or whatever sweet name you call them.

When you’re reading the story that I, ahem, poured out my heart and soul to write :), please be as animated as possible. We want your child to be excited about the anticipated arrival of The Tooth Fairy.

Parents’ Little Secret

If you’re wondering how you will explain The Enchanted Tooth Box® invention to your child without blowing your cover, let them know that the box is there to store their tooth for safekeeping.

Explain further that something that size can be hard to spot by The Tooth Fairy. You can even remind them of how sad they sometimes feel when they can’t find a missing puzzle piece, lego, or small toy, and by placing their tooth in the box, they’re making The Tooth Fairy’s job easy.

Kids might give parents a run for their money, but they’re all for helping their favorite storybook characters. Just ask the millions of kids who leave cookies for Santa every Christmas eve.

Getting them to place their tooth in The Enchanted Tooth Box® will be easier than you think.

In Conclusion 

When your child finally loses their tooth, you’ll be grateful that The Enchanted Tooth Box exists. Take it from a mom whose first experience playing The Tooth Fairy was a nightmare. You can surely rest easy when you know The Enchanted Box is doing all the hard work.

Founded by Dr. Joya Lyons in 2022, Enchanted Traditions, LLC is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based, Black-woman-owned company that makes children’s picture storybooks, toys, and merchandise, all based on keeping family traditions alive. What started out as a mom excitedly wanting her daughter to experience the tradition of The Tooth Fairy like she did as a child turned into something much more magical. Our goal is to aid in the development of children through vivid imagination and nurture the family connection through family tradition, thus creating positive memories for children and a stronger family bond. For more, visit and follow us @enchantedtraditions on Instagram.