8 Things Every Mother Should Consider When Their Child Has A Loose Baby Tooth.

Losing a baby tooth is a big event for your child! They’re excited to know if the Tooth Fairy will come to visit them and leave behind a special treat. As a mother, it’s important to prepare your child for this special occasion and also make sure they understand the importance of oral hygiene while also creating a bonding experience whilethey grow up. Well, let’s dive into these eight things that mothers should know.

1) Visit the dentist!

Before the tooth falls out, be sure to visit the dentist to make sure that the permanent tooth is growing properly underneath the baby tooth. The dentist will also be able to give you some advice on what to do if the tooth doesn’t fall out or if the process is taking too long.

2) Don’t wait too long to get the tooth out!

If the tooth is not coming out on its own, do not wait too long to help it come out. If you wait too long, the permanent tooth can start growing in a different place, causing unnecessary crowding and the need for braces in the future to correct it.

3) Teach them the importance of great oral hygiene!

The loss of a baby tooth is a great opportunity to teach your child about oral hygiene. Teach them the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing every day. You can use the Tooth Fairy’s visit as a means of promoting healthy oral habits.

4) Encourage Your Child to Wiggle the Loose Tooth:

Most of the time, children are hesitant to touch or wiggle their loose tooth. Encourage them to wiggle the tooth gently or bite on crunchy foods. It will make the tooth come off naturally and painlessly. Making it an exciting experience for kids is the key to making it memorable.

5) Capture the Moment:

Parents need to capture their child’s toothless grin moments in pictures or through videos. Having a visual reminder of milestones is essential as memories fade with time. Take a video of your child explaining the experience of losing a tooth, and you’ll have a memorable keepsake for years to come.

6) Create a Tooth Fairy Tradition:

Create a tooth fairy tradition for your child, making the process more exciting and magical. As parents, we can introduce our kids to the story of the tooth fairy and how she visits kids to collect their lost teeth making it a fun and educational process. Have your child write a letter to the tooth fairy or leave a little gift out, so the tooth fairy knows where to find it. Our brands’ magical tooth box automates the process, ensuring your child awakens to a delightful surprise.

7) Celebrate Your Child’s Accomplishment:

Every child collaborates differently, and losing teeth can be scary. After the tooth comes out, celebrate your child’s accomplishment with a special treat or an outing – this boosts their confidence in knowing that it’s a normal and healthy process and that they are doing great!

8) Have Fun:

Most importantly, have fun and make the experience enjoyable for both you and your child. Losing baby teeth is one of the transitional milestones of growing up, so make it thrilling, memorable, and positive.


In conclusion, as parents, we want to make our children’s crucial milestones memorable, and losing a tooth is undoubtedly one. The entire losing teeth experience is all about creating bonding moments with your family and providing magical moments, and with our brand’s magical tooth box, we provide a hassle-free experience for all. With these eight steps, the process will go smoothly and enhance your child’s excitement and sense of accomplishment. Remember, it’s essential to have fun and create memories that your child will remember for years to come.

Founded by Dr. Joya Lyons in 2022, Enchanted Traditions, LLC is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based, Black-woman-owned company that makes children’s picture storybooks, toys, and merchandise, all based on keeping family traditions alive. What started out as a mom excitedly wanting her daughter to experience the tradition of The Tooth Fairy like she did as a child turned into something much more magical. Our goal is to aid in the development of children through vivid imagination and nurture the family connection through family tradition, thus creating positive memories for children and a stronger family bond. For more, visit www.enchantedtraditions.com and follow us @enchantedtraditions on Instagram.

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