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The experience of watching your children grow up is the true definition of bitter-sweet. We look forward to their every milestone— from them finally tying their shoes on their own to riding their bikes without your assistance. (“Look, mom, no hands.”) Oddly enough, those same milestones, although triumphant, signal their complete independence from you in the future.

I believe it’s essential to capture and savor every memory and create an unbreakable family bond generation after generation.

Implementing And Carrying On Family Traditions Is The Key To Making That Bond Impenetrable.


Growing up, I had many family traditions that I loved, especially those that allowed me to feel free and be creative. A visit from Santa is probably number #1 on every kid’s list of family traditions they love, including mine as a kid. However, a visit from the Tooth Fairy came in a close second. (The Tooth Fairy gave money while Santa gave plastic toys, but I digress.)

The traditions I experienced as a child I couldn’t wait to share with my own family someday. Unfortunately, until I had my children, I didn’t realize it took hard work to keep those alive. Sometimes parents get consumed with work and life that they prematurely end traditions due to exhaustion and forgetfulness. I soon found myself being one of those parents. When my daughter lost her first tooth, my fatigue almost caused me to fail my first mission as the Tooth Fairy. On that night, I vowed to do all I could to keep the family traditions I loved alive no matter what. I started Enchanted Traditions™, LLC to build a company centered around fun traditions and create products that feed the imagination and strengthens family bonds.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world.”




Meet The Founder

When Author Dr. Joya Lyons, DDS, is not designing beautiful smiles with her husband, the cosmetic dentist is creating memories for her son and daughter and boys and girls worldwide. Her impressive resume includes national recognition from her peers, and a dental partnership with the basketball team, The Charlotte Hornets. Even with a packed schedule, Dr. Lyons managed to pen a magical story and create a handy device that will be sure to bring families together. The creation of Enchanted Traditions™, LLC is both nostalgic and a whimsical dream come true.
- Dr. Joya

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