The Tooth Fairy And The Enchanted Tooth Box

Brielle is excited about losing her very first baby tooth. But, when she wakes up moneyless after placing her tooth underneath her pillow, she grows confused and sad. Did she force The Tooth Fairy into early retirement? And does The Tooth Fairy even exists? What Brielle ends up discovering is a mysterious enchanted box with a note attached. Could this be a clue to what really happened to The Tooth Fairy? Will she ever get the money she’s owed?

Hardcover 32 pages


  • Style: Rhyming
  • 32 Pages
  • Picture book
  • Includes an educational page with tips to help you and your child practice good oral health habits.
  • ISBN 13:9798986495224

Product Section
Bundle and Save

The Enchanted Tooth Fairy Bundle

The best things come in bundles. Kids get the full Tooth Fairy Experience with “The Tooth Fairy And The Enchanted Tooth Box” book and The Enchanted Tooth Box, a mechanical device that AUTOMATES the exchange of your child’s tooth with money.  Equally excited parents get to use nostalgia, innovation, and technology to share a tradition with their children coveted by generations of happy, temporary one-less tooth kid.


  • One children's book The Tooth Fairy And The Enchanted Tooth Box
  • One The Enchanted Tooth Box product,
  • Comes with 2 lithium ion batteries and one USB-C charging cable