The Enchanted Hands-Free Tooth Box®️

The Enchanted Hands-Free Tooth Box® simplifies the milestone of losing a tooth into an enchanted and automated experience. Ensuring it’s both memorable and joyful for children while saving time and sleepless nights for busy parents with a patented built-in mechanism that is the first of its kind. This unique feature allows for a preset 6 hour time-release action that safely and magically exchanges the tooth for a treasure without any need for 3AM parental intervention.

Set it up once, and The Enchanted Tooth Box® will magically swap a child’s tooth for money as everyone sleeps soundly. Upon awakening, children discover their tooth replaced by treasure, exactly where they left it, mimicking the enchanting touch of a fairy’s visit. Keeping the Tooth Fairy magic intact while you have another night of quality rest.

The magic of this product lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate into family traditions, offering a touch of whimsy and wonder that enriches the childhood experience. With The Enchanted Tooth Box®, we promise a blend of magic, innovation, and ease that makes every tooth fairy visit truly memorable.


  • The ability to be set on a timer to automate the exchange of money and the tooth with the patented Enchanted Time-Release Tooth Box Device with two felt pouches to ‘hold’ the money and tooth to keep the toothy fair magic alive while the 6 hour timer sets up a stress-free tooth fairy visit.
  • A simple 3 step process to enjoy this experience with your family.
  • LED light shines when the lid is lifted to indicate the box is ON and ready to use.
  • Comes with an illustrated letter from the Tooth Fairy to place with the box at night to make the experience even more magical.
  • Convenient effortless charging with the included USB-C cable, providing power for up to 4 Tooth Fairy visits on a single charge.
  • Built-in, non-removable lithium-ion batteries ensure consistent performance and seamless recharging, much like your smartphone.

What to Know Before You Buy:

All it takes to use the Enchanted Tooth Box is the 3-Step 'Power, Preload, and Press' Method which can be found in a 30 second demonstration video on the 'how to use' page under the FAQ dropdown menu. The Enchanted Tooth Box® is considered preloaded when a single bill is placed inside it, in the concealed position, well before your child loses their tooth.
You can use one Box for all of your children, or they can each have their own. If your kids are anything like the author's children, they will want their own. It is highly unlikely that your children will lose teeth on the same night, but anything is possible. If your children are all in the tooth-losing phase, which is 5-10 years of age, it could indeed happen. The decision on how many to purchase is solely up to you.
It's best to buy this product when your child turns 5 years old or the first sign of a loose tooth. Some children lose their first tooth between the ages of 4 and 7. Your child or their dentist will let you know when they have a wiggly tooth. Read them the book the night of The Tooth Fairy's visit or at the sign of their first loose tooth. That part is up to you!
Product Section
Bundle and Save

The Enchanted Tooth Fairy Bundle

The best things come in bundles. Kids get the full Tooth Fairy Experience with “The Tooth Fairy And The Enchanted Tooth Box” book and The Enchanted Tooth Box, a mechanical device that AUTOMATES the exchange of your child’s tooth with money.  Equally excited parents get to use nostalgia, innovation, and technology to share a tradition with their children coveted by generations of happy, temporary one-less tooth kid.


  • One children's book The Tooth Fairy And The Enchanted Tooth Box
  • One The Enchanted Tooth Box product,
  • Comes with one USB-C charging cable

Diamond NurseDiamond Nurse
16:16 30 Mar 24
We ordered our enchanted box when our 5 year old had her first loose tooth and it was such a hit. We enjoyed reading the story together and seeing her excitement the next morning when she received her surprise. Very easy to use.
Bianca WalkerBianca Walker
21:40 04 Feb 24
We were beyond excited to receive our Enchanted Tooth Fairy Bundle! Loosing your first tooth is such a precious moment and this bundle really made it so memorable! The book is engaging and my daughters really loved the pictures! When my daughter lost her first tooth she was so excited to finally get to use the Enchanted Tooth box. As a parent, the box was simple to use and the next morning my daughter felt so special opening the box to receive the money inside. This is such a keepsake for all families and we are so grateful for this wonderful product!
Sia GattisSia Gattis
21:36 22 Aug 23
I was able to share an awesome experience with my niece and The Echanted Tooth Box when she randomly lost a tooth while visiting me. The box is such a clever invention. The accompanying book put the icing the cake. My neices and nephew were really engaged in the story and the entire experience. So much so the oldest asked to take the box and book to school. Her teacher was so impressed by it all she shared it with the school principal, who later asked my niece to read the book during morning highlights. Needless to say we love The Tooth Fairy and the The Enchanted Tooth Box! 10/10
Latonia CottledgeLatonia Cottledge
13:27 21 Aug 23
I bought the book and tooth box for my daughter. The package came so beautifully wrapped. My daughter loves it! She reads the book often. We haven’t lost a tooth yet but the tooth fairy box works perfectly! My daughter was so inspired by Dr. Joya’s invention that she took it to school for the reading Olympics parade! Great job Dr.Joya!!
Regina ReavesRegina Reaves
19:48 11 Jul 23
This is such a cool and innovative product! My daughter absolutely loves it and more importantly it makes the Tooth Fairy process easier and exciting for the kiddos. Highly recommend and the illustrations in the book are phenomenal!
Sheree HawkinsSheree Hawkins
02:44 22 Apr 23
Recently purchased the Enchanted Tooth Box and could not be more happy! My son absolutely loved the book and was so excited for the tooth fairy to visit! This is a must have item for parents!