The Enchanted Tooth Box®

The Enchanted Tooth Box® is the perfect way to make your child’s tooth-losing experience a positive one. Now, parents don’t have to worry about playing the role of the Tooth Fairy in the middle of night; this delightful mechanical box does all of the work for you! Once it’s set up and ready, The Enchanted Tooth Box® will replace a child’s tooth with coins while everyone sleeps. When they wake up, they’ll find their gift right where they left their tooth – just as if it were left by a real fairy! By exchanging money when everyone’s sound asleep, children will get the full benefit of believing in and experiencing magic – while knowing mom and dad are always close by. Make sure that your kids never forget their most treasured childhood memories with The Enchanted Tooth Box®! Our delightfully designed keepsake box is easy to use and guaranteed to create an extraordinary experience every time it exchanges a tooth – providing lasting smiles and sweet dreams for years to come.


  • The ability to be set on a timer to automate the exchange of money and the tooth.
  • A simple 3 step process to enjoy this experience with your family. View here
  • LED light shines when the lid is lifted to indicate the box is ON and ready to use.
  • Recommended to be placed on flat tabletop surface
  • Comes with 2 rechargeable lithium ion C-batteries
  • Comes with 1 USB-C cord for charging the batteries

Product Section
Bundle and Save

The Enchanted Tooth Fairy Bundle

The best things come in bundles. Kids get the full Tooth Fairy Experience with “The Tooth Fairy And The Enchanted Tooth Box” book and The Enchanted Tooth Box, a mechanical device that AUTOMATES the exchange of your child’s tooth with money.  Equally excited parents get to use nostalgia, innovation, and technology to share a tradition with their children coveted by generations of happy, temporary one-less tooth kid.


  • One children's book The Tooth Fairy And The Enchanted Tooth Box
  • One The Enchanted Tooth Box product,
  • Comes with 2 lithium ion batteries and one USB-C charging cable