• Includes one children's book, The Tooth Fairy And The Enchanted Tooth Box 
  • One The Enchanted Tooth Box product, 
  • Comes with 2 lithium ion batteries and one USB-C charging cable 


The best things come in bundles. Kids get the full Tooth Fairy Experience with “The Tooth Fairy And The Enchanted Tooth Box” book and The Enchanted Tooth Box ®, a mechanical device that AUTOMATES the exchange of your child’s tooth with money. Equally excited parents get to use nostalgia, innovation, and technology to share a tradition with their children coveted by generations of happy, temporary one-less tooth kids. 

The Enchanted Tooth Fairy Bundle

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But, what happens when every sleuth attempt to retrieve your child's tooth is met with resistance? More specifically, your child sleeps too wild or the Tooth Fairy’s forgetfulness does not allow this fun transaction to occur. 

Here comes The Enchanted Tooth BoxⓇ, a mechanical box that helps to make The Tooth Fairy's job easier by automating the tooth and money exchange while the child and parent sleep.

Parents, Shhh! You must keep this to yourself. Don’t mess up the mystic of everyone’s beloved human piggy bank, The Tooth Fairy.  Instead, introduce your children to The Tooth Fairy through the eyes of Brielle in The Tooth Fairy and The Enchanted Tooth Box©.

Losing one's baby teeth is like a rite of passage for children, with parents celebrating it through the act of gifting money.